Participatory Science: Fishing Studies

            People that have a genuine love for science can find numerous ways to help researchers to find solutions to environmental problems. Participatory science has already led to positive changes in parts of Kenya, Sudan and Brazil. One of the most popular activities performed by the public is recreational fishing. In recent years there has been much debate regarding the environmental impacts of both commercial and recreational fishing practices. Some people argue that the decline of many species is directly related to over fishing. That said, researchers have turned to recreational anglers to help them to learn about fish growth rates and populations.

            The red drum is a popular sport fish which puts up an incredible fight when hooked. They are located along the eastern U.S. coastal regions, as well as areas of the Texas Panhandle and Louisiana. Fishermen from North and South Carolina, Florida and other states have been participating in a red drum study for many years. Anglers have been a part of participatory science because it allows them to collect data while doing one of their favorite activities. They also realize that their findings can help to preserve the sport for new anglers who use the water in the future.

            Participatory angling scientists use a tagging system to determine the overall health of a population of fish. Basically, a fisherman will insert a tag into a fish once it is caught legally by rod and reel. The tags are small and unobtrusive, and they are usually colored a bright yellow or red. These tags must be bright so that fishermen notice them when they catch a fish that has been tagged by someone else. Most of the tags are administered behind the dorsal fin right underneath the skin, without harming the health of the fish. Red drum of various sizes are tagged this way.

            When a fisherman catches a tagged drum, he or she writes down the tag number in a log book. Once they have completed their fishing trip, they can access an online database to find out more information about the fish that they caught. Some people recommend the removal of the tag to ensure that you enter the number correctly. Amazingly, these tags give a great indication of how quickly a fish grows during a given span of time, as well as migration patterns. Some fish that were caught a year or two earlier show incredible growth rates.

            As a result of this participatory science, slot limits were instituted to protect the species. Red drum are considered to be excellent for eating, so researchers felt that it was important to create a size limit for them. Tagging results helped researchers come to the conclusion that the slot limit for red drum should be 18 to 27 inches. This limit protects juvenile fish which fall under 18 inches, while allowing adult fish over 27 inches to remain healthy to spawn, thus promoting population growth of the species. 

Getting Fit In The Big Apple With Zumba

Today, a lot of people realize the importance of getting enough exercise on a regular basis. In doing so, not only will you lose a lot of weight and get a firm and sexy body, but you will also get to avoid a myriad of diseases that have been proven to be related to inadequate exercise.

The problem is that people may be too busy with their daily job, commitments and other responsibilities that they do not have enough time to do some much need exercise. If people do have the time, the exercise that they may be doing can be extremely repetitive and boring that they stop doing so after some time.

If you live in New York City, then you are probably familiar with the time constraints that a fast paced lifestyle can have on exercise. Thankfully, there is an exercise routine that is gaining a lot of popularity in the city, and is something that you will w ant to check out.

Zumba has been taking the world by storm, and in New York City, Zumba is definitely a popular form of exercise. What makes Zumba so popular is that it is a form of exercise that gives your whole body a total, high energy work out. Unlike most exercise routines that are too boring and repetitive, Zumba breaks the mold by being an exercise that is fun and exhilarating, this is because Zumba combines dance with proven to be effective exercise routines. This makes Zumba very effective at allowing practitioners to lose weight and get fit, and is so fun and exciting to do that people who do Zumba look forward to doing it on a daily basis, allowing them to reap the benefits of the exercise. Check our site in here to know more exercises and lose weight tips

If you are interested in starting a Zumba habit yourself, then there are a lot of dance studios and fitness gyms that offer Zumba class’s f or you.

One of the best places to get your Zumba fix is with the R.i.S.E. Dance Company. One of the more popular dance studios in New York, the Company also offers Zumba classes for those people who are interested in Zumba as an exercise and not just a form of dance.

B-Well  Studio is another place that offers Zumba classes on a regular basis.

While it is definitely possible for you to get your Zumba fix at home through instructional videos and music of your choice, but getting the exercise in a dance studio setting is a lot more ideal. Not only will you get to learn well researched Zumba dance moves that are more than just regular dance steps, you also get to do the exercise with a lot of other people, so not only is it a lot more fun, but it can also be very inspiring for you as well.

Due to the widespread popularity of Zumba in New York city, the numerous dance studios that offer it as well as the many times that Zumba is performed will surely allow you to get active on a regular basis no matter your fitness level or hectic schedule.

Going On Tours Is The Best Way For You To See What Chicago Has To Offer

There are some places where, from the get go, you already know which places you need to go to. World renowned cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York are such places and from the moment you get down from the airplane, you know that you are in for a lot of fun.

There are also some cities however, that are quite low key, like the city of Chicago for example. It may not be the most exciting city from first impression, but it actually offers a lot more fun and excitement than you would initially think.

The key to seeing the best of what the city has to offer actually knows where to go in the first place. This can be remedied by doing a lot of research on the city of Chicago prior to going there. Research however, can only take you so far, and nothing beats having a local to bring you to the best parts of the city. This is quite hard to achieve however, especially if you do not know anybody native to Chicago or has stayed there for a long time. Your best option then would be to go on tours and know the Things to do in Chicago: get a tour.

Going on tours is probably the best way for you to see what the city has to offer in terms of sights, landmarks and events. Not only will a tour allow include a guide that will walk you through the best bits of the city like landmarks, events, historical sites and many more, but you will also get to enjoy these tours with other tourists, and should make the whole  experience a lot more fun and memorable.

Probably the best tour that you can go on to is the Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure. The destinations that you get to see with this tour are pretty much the same as you would with a regular tour, but how you get there is what sets this tour apart from the rest. In this 3 hour activity, your smartphone will be your primary guide as to what places you need to go to. The fun thing about this is that you will have to solve puzzles and look for clues once you reach your destination in order for you to know where to go next. This Amazing Race style tour will not only be a fun and exciting way to get around the city, but you will also be able to learn about the rich history of Chicago as well.

Once you are done seeing the city’s landmarks up close, why not see it from a different perspective, up high in the sky? The Helicopter Tour of Chicago by Rotor Zen Helicopters is one tour that you should not miss going to when you are in the city. Through this tour, you will get to see the amazing Chicago skyline and get to behold the myriad of lights and the busy and bustling city below you that simply begs to be experienced and explored.

Learning Krav Maga In New York City

One can argue that today’s world has become more dangerous than before. Tune in to the news and you will hear a lot of reports about killings, theft and muggings that happen in a lot of places all over the world, with some of these incidents happening in broad daylight.

One will notice that a lot of these crimes happen in highly urbanized cities. If you currently reside in the city of New York or plan to live there in the very near future, then you have chosen a great city which is surely a lot safer due to the strict law enforcement that is being implemented. This does not mean that you are immune to crime or other malicious minds though. It is very important then that you learn some form of  martial arts or self-defense that you can use in times when you need to protect  yourself from the hostility of other people.

In New York, Krav Maga is one of the most popular self-defense arts being taught today. Krav Maga originated in Israel, where its techniques and moves were honed, perfected and used by the Israeli  Defense forces. What’s great about Krav Maga is that it tackles a lot of different situations where you  can be in danger, and teaches specific moves and counterattacks that are best suited for that situation. Krav Maga is so effective for self-defense, that a lot of government agencies, law enforcement agencies and security organizations in the United States as well as in other parts of the world implement Krav Maga  as their martial art of choice for defense.

Due to its popularity in New York, there are also a lot of martial arts schools that teach this form of self-defense..

Dynamic Martial Arts Academy gives beginners a chance to experience what Krav Maga has to offer for them. Their beginner’s session teaches you the simple, easy to follow yet effective basics of Krav Maga and how to properly use them. Should you  like the experience,  you can go on with continued sessions in order to hone your skills in this form of self-defense.

If you are a lady, then  you are a very attractive as a target for the malicious of harmful thoughts of others, due to many people perceiving ladies as the weaker sex. Prove them wrong and properly defend yourself using Krav Maga skills instead. If you are not comfortable with learning the martial art along with other men f or example, then International Krav Maga New York offers ladies only classes that teach all the Krav Maga skills that you will need in order to effectively get out of a life threatening situation.

Krav Maga NYC classes are not limited to those who are just starting out however. If you are interested in more advanced skills that you can use at your work, like if you are in law enforcement for example, or you simply want to be very effective at defending yourself, then there are a lot of advanced Krav Maga courses that you will find in the city as well.